Target language challenge: Day 2

Today’s question is about the textbook, I’ll be talking about the textbooks that I found online and the textbook which have worked for me.

What textbooks are you using?

This seems like a simple question but it isn’t.  I searched for the best books and materials to learn with.

Through my research I came across one language enthusiast YouTuber, she uses a few books from publications like Larousse and Collins. I gave those books a try, which I purchased online.

So finally, after my college year started, I got these five textbooks.

1. Tendances methode de Français ( Textbook used in my class)

 main french textbook

This is the text that we use at college and also the most preferred textbook for DELF, I mostly use this since this is the one, I use at class and I had to stick to it most of the times.

2. Collins’s Easy learning French grammar and practice.

collin textbook

This is like a workout for grammar exercises in French. It has so many workout exercises, its quite useful to learn to write French a lot better.

3. Easy French step-by-step

Easy french textbook

This is my favourite among all the books that I use. Since it’s very easy and understandable, all the information, definitions and details are perfect in this. This book is not just about grammar alone. I personally feel like it’s the perfect guide for beginners to get into since It starts with the alphabets and their pronunciations, basic grammar along with it you learn new vocabulary. This book can set a pretty good foundation for a beginner.

4. Le petit prince

Story books like textbook

This is the storybook. I got this just to have a reading practice or maybe listening to its audiobook. To have a glimpse at its sentence structure, because as a beginner starting to read children book is better than getting into novels.

5. Larousse Pocket dictionary


A simple old dictionary.

So here goes my answer for Day 2 of the Target language challenge,

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