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Target language challenge: Day 24

Sometimes we forget about how we feel while learning something, here when it comes to learning languages.

Today’s question is,

Do you find studying your target language relaxing or stressful?

Fun, oh yeah!

The word studying sounds kinda depressing to me, I guess learning something or learning languages sounds way better. So learning the language continually has been kinda stressful. But with including rewards, which also involves language learning has made it fun. I study from the book or youtube videos for french but when I do complete a portion and then be done with revising it. I jump to watching serials or tv shows, mostly french these days. So then the fun part never ends.

Sometimes a bit stressful too,

I do find it stressful sometimes when I feel as if I have no one to practice my language skills with or talk about my performance and journey. I guess I only have you guys who are reading this now talk about my french progress with.

You know if I had taken this challenge while having normal college I would have talked to my french classmates about it and even my teacher. Maybe they could have seen me progress well with the language too like they did.  

Since im a complete newbie to french compared to those who are in class who have already done french in their high school.  

Secondly, since I’m used to listening to a lot of asian languages like Korean , japanese and Thai. Listening to french sounds weird to me. I’m not able to catch up with the words they speak even though there are subtitles. Because when it comes to Korean I’m super good at it, even without subtitles I can understand the dialogues, not be surprised I have been watching series and TV shows for so long that it made me understand the language better. Maybe I should apply that here too. 

But it has just been a month of getting to know french and learning it. I guess I have lots to learn and progress in the future. 

Hope with the process of learning something you learn things about yourself too. 

I have talked about that in my challenge too. Read about it here

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Au revoir. 

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