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Target language challenge: Day 7

Today’s question is,

Introduce yourself in your TL(target language)?

Bonjour, Je m’applle Muthuselvi. Je fais un defi de langue. J’habite Coimbatore,Inde. J’aime lire des livres, faire du sport et parler aux plants, aussi J’ecris. J’ai appris le français récemment. J’aime manger des ramen. Je lis actullement le livre Dan brown. J’ai cinq livres in français. J’adore easy-to-learn français de livre. C’était le jour 7. 

Bein merci, 

Au revoir.

Hello, I’m Muthuselvi. I’m doing a language challenge. I live in Coimbatore, India. I like reading books, playing sports and talking to plants, also I write. I started learning French recently. I’m currently reading a Dan Brown book. I have five french books. I live my easy-to-learn French book. This was day 7. 

Thank you, 


Here is my answer to today’s question. Had to do a little google translate too for these but found it fun, learnt new verbs.

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