Target language challenge: Day 1

Introduce yourself and your target language (TL)!

Today’s Question is about languages and me.

This is Miss geeky. I’m a college student, doing my UG in Psychology. I’m someone who has always been passionate about learning and experiencing new things. My love for learning languages has always been there in my life from the start. I was bilingual from an early age, I guess from when I was 4. I spoke and learnt two languages at school and at home I had to speak my own mother tongue.

Language learning has always been a part of my life

as I said before, it let me meet and connect with people. Helped me understand their culture better and much more. So I’m 20 now if you see by now I have learnt Tamil, Hindi, English, Sanskrit, German( from a 3-day class which happened at school), Tried learning Italian when I was at junior school, learnt a few Japanese phrases from Amines and my friends who are into learning Japanese, and my favourite Korean( which I’m at my beginner level).

But for this challenge, I’m gonna focus on French. I’ve taken French as my subject in my class, which I know nothing except a few phrases like, Bonjour, Bon nuit, Oui, Ca va ?, Bien Merci et a bientot!

I consider French to be a pose language, apart from Paris fashion and its love stories. France, its French is about its simplicity, simple feminine fashion, baked butter bread and sweets, and their accent. They have really good movies, and I guess there one or two movies remade in my own mother tongue.

Hope I progress into learning much more about the language in this challenge.

If you’re also into doing this challenge, Tag in my wanna learn French with me, you can stay tuned to know more about it.

if your into learning other languages like

Japanese try:

If you wanna learn french try,


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